What is an in-kind donation?

In-kind donations are non-monetary donations made to nonprofit organizations. These nontraditional donations include the transfer of any asset, usually goods or services, and can be contributed by individuals or other organizations and companies.

In-kind donations generally take two different forms:

Goods: The donation of snacks, an accessible van, or art supplies are examples of goods that may be contributed to a nonprofit in kind. These assets are physical materials that nonprofits can use to enhance their strategy in some way.

Services: Professional services that a non-profit would typically pay for may be provided at no cost, or at a reduced cost, by the service provider. Examples include accounting or legal services; graphic design or web-design services; grant-writing or other consulting services. Friendship Circle is grateful for the support of generous in-kind service professionals!


If you are interested in providing an in-kind donation of any kind to Friendship Circle of San Diego, please contact Debbie Rodriguez, at [email protected]