Yup. Just showing up  is making a difference. 

Want to learn how to be an advocate for the Special Needs Community? Let us help!

Friendship Circle offers 3 different types of Inclusion & Awareness Workshops for FREE. All these workshops can be adapted to best fit your needs. We do workshops for businesses, schools, Women’s Circles, Hebrew Schools and more! All ages welcome!

1) Hands-On: This Workshop works for all ages. This interactive workshop details the different types of disabilities our Friends at Friendship Circle may have. It shows, through hands-on activities, the struggles they may face, and teaches our volunteers how to best adapt to  help.


2) Speaker-Led: This Workshop is best for young adults and adults. Listen as a parent, an adult with special needs, and a volunteer share their experiences, and the struggles a family may face and learn to get involved with patience and understanding.

3) Soul: This Workshop is best for adults. We are all souls on a journey in this world. Learn the deeper Chassidic philosophy and Jewish approach to being inclusive! With quotes from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


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