"Thank you so much for the fun week [at Camp Let Loose] we had and for giving Raymond an opportunity to meet new and special friends. We truly appreciate your kindness!" 


"Thank you for letting me play with you"

-Ray [10 years old, Friend]




“I have worked with Friendship circle first in Philadelphia and now in San Diego for over 10 years. I have taken a more active role over the last few years, teaching yoga and starting Dan’s Place where our special needs adults are chefs, hosts and servers. I want to see our participants treated just as everyone else, because they are just like everyone else, but they require more patience and compassion. The joy that Friendship Circle adds to my life is immeasurable, our friends are funny, talented and loving.    -Amy Nissan


I wish other people knew all the wonderful things that the Friendship Circle of San Diego does, because that would bring more friends, more volunteers and more great ideas to incorporate. If the teens could try different activities with her (granddaughter), like music, painting, dancing etc to find out what could be her passion. I always think that I would love to know that she has something that she loves to do.” - Bela Breziner