Friendship Circle SD is proud to offer a wide variety  of programming! Check out our calendar to find which programs are best for you!


Friendship Circle


Adaptive Yoga 

Stretch your body and MOVE! Taught by our very own certified instructor Ms. Amy. 11am at Chabad of University City (3813 Governor Dr.) Yoga Mats Provided. $20/Year



Sing along with Rabbi Yossi as you play your musical instruments! 11:45 at Chabad of University City (3813 Governor Dr.) Friends are encouraged to bring their own musical instruments. $20/Year

Community Events

Experience the magic of the Jewish calendar with unique holiday entertainment. Friendship Circle families and their volunteers join together to celebrate their Jewish uniqueness through exciting activities and hands-on fun. The holiday comes alive as the children enjoy live entertainment, refreshments and creative crafts. This is the perfect way to celebrate holiday traditions in a fun and exciting setting. Events in varying locations around SD County.


Shooting Stars

An Arts and Crafts and Dance Program for Teens and Young Adults. Get ready to create, dance and experience true friendship. 10:30am at Adat Yeshurin (8625 La Jolla Scenic Dr N, La Jolla). $20/year



Friendship Dojo

Join us for Adaptive Karate taught by the one and only Sensei Joey. 5pm at Shaolin Kempo Arts (3422 Tripp Center Court Suite C). $20/Year


On Going Programs                  

                    Men's Club 

                    Women's Club

                   Teen Leadership Board


Friends at Home

In a home setting, a trained and dedicated volunteer visits a child with special needs on a weekly basis. A special bond is created as they engage in enjoyable activities and innovative crafts. The child's life is illuminated in a most significant fashion as they await the visit of their friend. The parents use this opportunity to enjoy a weekly respite as their child basks in the friendship of the volunteer

Special Programs  ( For those special events!!!)

Special Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Everyone deserves to celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah surrounded by family and friends. To help teenagers with special needs commemorate this important milestone in a meaningful way, The Friendship Circle has created an individualized program of study and preparation that culminates in a candle-lighting ceremony for girls and a minyan for boys. A party to celebrate the achievements of the Bnei Mitzvah is also held for family and friends.

 Appreciation Evening


Friendship Circle Walk

The Friendship Circle Walk is BACK! Save the Date May 7, 2023 at Nobel Park.